Riser Management


To provide a riser management program which will: -

  • Continuously monitor riser status.
  • Schedule yearly class surveys on approx. 25% of the riser string per year.
  • Plan inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Up to date information at hand.
  • Over a pre-determined period.

Riser Management Provisions

  • Create a riser database in MR Asset Management System including asset register and serial numbers for all lines.
  • Access to the database/information would be via internet to allow both MR Inspection and Customer to analyze, review and input data.
  • Maintain & Update records in ‘STAR’ maintenance database.
  • The system would monitor riser use, inspection cycles and maintain all relevant information on each joint to determine class & repair requirements through asset trending.
  • Database would include current spares inventory and future stock requirement.
  • Planning of inspection/maintenance schedules.
  • MR would provide inspections (baseline/footprint, periodic and class) and minor remedial actions during any inspection survey on vessel or on site.
  • Traceability and advanced notice of repair and maintenance requirements.
  • Provision of Inspection team for ad-hoc inspections onboard the vessel.
  • MR Inspection would provide technical support 24/7.
  • Supply of a full time co-coordinator.
  • Onboard class inspections.

Global Portal

  • Customer access through internet.
  • Display riser string inventory, status and history.
  • Spares inventory and tracking.
  • Inspection data storage and display.
  • Downloadable reports and compliance certification.
  • Inspection Repair & Maintenance history.
  • Electronic interface will reduce administrative costs.