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Solutions for the inspection of Marine Drilling Riser

MR Inspection Services are based in Aberdeen, UK - and provide riser inspection programs that add value and reduce costs by deploying inspections either on board the vessel or on the quay side - with out the requirements to transport the risers to a facility or remove the buoyancy. This is achieved by using non-invasive automated inspection techniques – from the ID of the riser tubes.

MR Inspection are committed to utilizing the most advanced solutions with the latest technologies available - to provide the best and most suitable techniques to enhance our inspection capabilities.

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Approvals (NEW)

MR Inspection Services are are now approved by both DNV and ABS for class inspections and NDE services.

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  • Improved Inspection using advanced techniques
  • More comprehensive inspection with greater accuracy of results
  • Greater repeatability for trending
  • Digitally recorded results and images for future comparison and trending
  • Graphic displays for easier interpretation
  • The early identification of future repair requirements
  • ANDT saves time and money
  • Wireless data capture save conventional input of data Overlay of periodical data

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Benefits of Onboard Inspections

  • Riser Inspections

MR Inspection services will provide a professional Riser Inspection Program that will be totally transparent, add value and reduce costs by: -

  • Deploying class inspections either onboard or on-site using advanced inspection techniques, if applicable, without the requirement to remove the buoyancy or transport the risers from the vessel
  • MR Inspection are committed to utilizing the most advanced state of the art solutions to provide an un-paralleled riser inspection service
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  • Riser Management

To provide a riser management program which will: -

  • Continuously monitor riser status.
  • Schedule yearly class surveys on approx. 25% of the riser string per year.
  • Plan inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Up to date information at hand.
  • Over a determined period.

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  • Automated Ultrasonic Techniques
  • Time Of Flight Diffraction (Automated and Semi automated)
  • Phased Array AUT
  • Corrosion Mapping (Immersion method)
  • Phased Array Bolt inspection
  • Phased Array Flange pocket inspection
  • AUT weld inspection from ID
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  • Bolt Inspections

In addition to conventional (Visual and magnetic particle inspection) of the riser flange bolts– option to deploy an encoded phased array inspection. This technique also valid for BOP studs

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  • Approvals
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • NOV Approved Vendor for Riser Inspection & NDE services
  • GE Oil & GAS - Approved Vendor for Riser Inspection & NDE services
  • DNV – approval for 5Y Riser inspection scope and method
  • ABS – approval for drilling equipment inspection